My name is Rocio and I'm the host of Tootsie Rolaids Life's Sweet Relief Podcast. I am a 1st generation Afro-Latina, based in New York City & went through IVF.

I have a humorously candid approach on the ups and downs of infertility and have much to share about it. I speak English but dream in Spanish, I'm very family orientated, adore the 80's, am a quirky pop culture connoisseur and have a degree in Psychology. Come listen to my podcast I guarantee 60% of the time you will be laughing ALL the time.

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Welcome to Tootsie Rolaids, a weekly podcast that dives into infertility and related topics from the perspective of an Afro-Latina having gone through IVF. Episodes consist of my personal stories of IVF, information and facts on infertility and in-depth conversations with doctors, therapist, fellow infertility warriors and close friends. Also there are episodes to serve as distractions from the stress of infertility and your everyday life. Consider these episodes as your hot cocoa on those cold rainy day!

—Pngtree—abstract modern art and colorfu

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The Rose Project

The Rose Project is a quarterly giveaway on Instagram to remind us to take time off for self care. The gift can be used for yourself or to send to someone in need of a self care pick me up.
This idea came from one of my friends called Rosemary who sent me a self care package after my second miscarriage. Her thoughtfulness touched my heart and I decided to do the same for someone else and pay it forward!

For more information inquire on Tootsie Rolaids Instagram account. If you are a vendor and wish to collaborate on the next giveaway, please email me at:

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